The Proper Way on How to Clean Vacuum Cleaners

A vacuum cleaner provides great help in cleaning our home. That is why you should learn how to clean vacuum cleaners properly so that they will stay efficient and reliable for longer periods of time. Maintaining this household tool does not require too much effort though, just a simple maintenance is enough.

Listed below is a simple guide on how to clean vacuum cleaners for you to ensure its efficiency and save money on costly vacuum replacements.


  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner’s user manual
  • Brush
  • Water
  • Scissors
  • Soft cloth
  • Soap solution



Unplug the vacuum cleaner to avoid the risk of electric shock. This will also save you from injuries in case the vacuum cleaner turns on unexpectedly while you clean it.


Normally, a vacuum cleaner has a dirt bag that catches all the vacuumed dust and debris. If you do not know how to remove the dirt bag from the vacuum, read your user manual for instructions on doing so. For bagged vacuum cleaners, simply remove the bag and dispose it in the trash bin.

For bag less vacuum cleaners, remember to take it outside before emptying the container so that the dust collected won’t billow around your home.

If the manual says your vacuum is safe to be washed with water, clean it in a soap solution and dry it afterwards. Replace the dirt bag again and make sure it is securely attached because if not, the dirt might enter the vacuum motor and cause serious damage into it.


Typically, a vacuum cleaner has one or more filters that clean up the vacuumed air and separate dirt and dust. Remove those filters and clean them carefully. Read your user manual for its cleaning procedures. Some filters can be washed with water. Just remember to air-dry or wipe the filters thoroughly before placing them back in the vacuum cleaner. Thorough drying is important to avoid the growth of molds and bacteria in its closed space.

For filters that are not washable with water, just use a brush remove all the dirt clogging into the filters.


Most vacuum cleaners have attachments that improve the performance of this device. To clean them, check your user manual again for cleaning instructions. Remember not to wet any parts that have wiring, especially those that are permanently attached to the device. Put the attachments back only when they are dried completely.


If your vacuum cleaner is an upright type, lay it on a flat surface for you to easily access its lower parts. Check the rest of the vacuum parts such as vacuum brush, roller and beater bar for debris like hair, strings, or dirt that are clogging them. Using a damp soft cloth, gently wipe the body of the vacuum cleaner. Wipe the electric cord as well and make sure that there are no cuts and damages into it.

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